Happy Friday!

The weekend is so close, can you taste it? Are you ready to let loose and step into a new routine, even if for a few days? Down time is necessary in our wound up world of stress and worry. Fridays are a great day mix it all up! Take this moment and shake off what doesn’t serve you.

Take this moment and breath it all in. Exhale and let go of every single person who pissed you off this week. Now all the people who have pissed you off your entire life. Know that you are more powerful than having them run your thoughts. Sometimes we forget so let me remind you, right here, right now, everything possible babe.

Take this moment and stop everything and just be. Even for a short moment. Know that it’s all perfect. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’ll die with a to-do list, but in this moment right here and right now everything is perfect, the way it is, and the way it is not.

Draw a line in the sand and be o.k. with all of it…………..

Let yourself come alive! Seriously – those in your life with thank you! And then take the extra energy you’ve just generated and go create a wild and wonderful weekend!!!

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