I have set healthy boundaries, spoken my truth and given myself permission for all of it. The permission for me is all I needed. For so many years my habits were based on surviving rather than thriving.

In the past, I willingly entered into and fostered unhealthy friendships and relationships. I have co-created spaces of sweeping everything uncomfortable under the rug and I man did I settle. I use to settle on so much. I settled on my expectations of others and myself. I settled on integrity in all areas. Things did not work and allowed them not to.

I have settle on my dreams and I have settled on what I know is right. I have done all in the name of being nice.

The standards in which I hold myself to have been raised. Therefore no one outside of me need to change or do anything different. This is a MASSIVE shift for me. All I have done is looked within and put all my focus there. I have learned how to listen and be authentic and true to my needs. I can see my role in all of it – there are no accidents in life. I got what I got because I allowed it. And mark my word I know my worth and things are freaking changing!

When I honour myself to the highest greatest level the wrong people naturally fall away and the correct energy comes flooding in faster than I could have imagined.


I took a look at why I felt powerless. I then traced it back to not wanting to rock the boat and say out loud what my heart felt. I know I know – it’s crazy – we all are. Then it hit me – I can see it now oh so clearly. God forbid I am mean or a I hurt anyone with my true feelings – so I will just swallow it down and keep quiet.


Say what’s there for me in the clearest way, honour myself for having standards and knowing what is right for me, and freaking say it! Say what works and what doesn’t. Call a spade a spade. Not in the name of being mean but for the sake of creating what works in the world. It’s called In-fucking-tegrity.

Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter won’t mind – AND being my god-damn true self increases my magneticness – It’s like I open the flood gates to all of my amazing like-minded tribe, and it flushes out those aren’t meant to be in this part of my journey. Did I mention it feels good? I never intend to be hurtful harmful cruel or unkind to others. Not sharing my truth is inauthentic. It’s not extending that kindness to myself.

mmmmmmmmmmm Over here loving life and sending the awesome feeling out to all.





I’ve arrived in a place that feels like home. It’s warm and beyond welcoming. My heart feels safe here. These best riding lawn mower tended to be wide and large, some of them used for hunting game—rather like a game reserve today—and others as leisure gardens. Cypresses and palms were some of the most frequently planted types of trees.

I am so content and fulfilled and calm and that’s how I know I have mastered this part of life.