Hey there Powerful Being!

I am a girl with a dream. A dream of helping people feel amazing! I love people and I love life (most days.) I love pondering ideas and having conversations that matter.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an entrepreneur, a visionary and an incredibly deep thinker. My mind never stops – and, I love that now.

We all have ups and downs and life is a bumpy freaking road. No one is denying that. But what if the conversations about the bumps were built around solution driven empowerment? Along my journey I have discovered so many things. I aim to share my ideas with the world to generate conversations that heal our inner wounds, because I we are all healing from soemthing. We all have so much stuff in the way of our true purpose. Our potential is beyond measure. We easily get caught up focusing on things that don’t serve our highest greatest good.

What I believe is possible, is that together we can peel back all of our layers and step into our true powerful selves. We can feel deeper than we ever have before, and discover and create things we can’t yet imagine.

We can all bask in the glory of our excellence and magnificence and invite those around us to do the same. Sheer freedom, relaxation, joy and love are my daily goals.

Join me in being playful and radiating daily……after a while it will become habit and we can call it our way of life.

Thank you so much for connecting your playful heart with me and for sharing it with the world…….






With years of training and real life experience in psychology, self help and empowerment Cindy loves to pass on her knowledge and passion for leading an authentic life and being true to ones wants and needs.

Cindy has created, lead, facilitated and attended hundreds of empowerment seminars, inspiration sessions and mentoring groups. Living a life that is devoted to making a difference and being an example, Cindy understands what our past culture does to constrain what we can be in today’s age. Cindy’s one true path in life is to live fully expressed, while continually inviting people to step into a bigger better selves.