The last few years I have rigorously researched human behaviour. I’ve looked into all facets of how silly we are. I love the way we complicate life, the way we over analyze, and the ways we try so hard to find that blissful balance where everything feels smooth and easy. Don’t we all want that sweet spot to find that zone and remain there?

We all know the term human-being yet most of us are human-doings more than anything. We are far to busy creating chaos in our minds than being present. We are addicted to activities that just plain don’t serve us. So much so that we forget what we’re really up to in life and forget what’s really important.

Struggle is the first sign of ‘doing’ more than ‘being’. For me it’s the first sign that something is out of alignment. When force or struggle occurs there is usually no awareness. It’s when autopilot has taken over and all intention has gone out the window.

Force and struggle are never necessary when you connect with who you are being. It’s the simple shift from focusing on the outcome, to instead looking at who you are being in the moment. Changing who you are ‘being’, and letting go of our need for control is when the magic happens.

I often ponder this: Who do I need to ‘be’ to have this go as smooth as possible for everyone involved? I will tell ya, being a dick has never worked in my favor…..just saying. I’ve tried it plenty of times just to be sure.

Here’s to finding that sweet spot and savouring every delicious moment of it! Create a life you love and be the best version of you while creating it. When you master the ‘being’ the ‘doing’ is effortless and the ‘having’ comes naturally!

Love Cindy