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This is an age of awakening, can you feel it?

Who’s in your head?

It’s an interesting thought really, to think of building a Board of Directors for your life. But when you stop and think about it, why wouldn’t you take this more seriously than building a BofD for your business. It’s your… Continue Reading →

Smooth Moves

We have all been through so much don’t you agree? We have endured events/moments that have left us feeling unsettled. Then what’s worse is we continue to carry those sensations with us into the rest of our journey. I know… Continue Reading →

Hello, my name is Cindy……and I heart champagne!

Hello there, my name is Cindy. I love coffee but let me tell ya, I love wine and champagne much more. Can you relate? Coffee: I love the warm hug in a mug in the morning, easing me into my… Continue Reading →

What are you Feeding your Brain?

There are many examples of things in our world that lack integrity=don’t work. What are we doing about it? Most of us are just making distinctions between us and them. What would it look like to stand strong in what… Continue Reading →

Do you have an ‘o.k. to be an asshole’ contract?

Are you easily triggered? Do you react easily to situations? Sure we all do from time to time. There are two main reasons why we humans flip our lids and blow up now and again. #1 – Many of us… Continue Reading →

Be Do Have

The last few years I have rigorously researched human behaviour. I’ve looked into all facets of how silly we are. I love the way we complicate life, the way we over analyze, and the ways we try so hard to… Continue Reading →

Shift Your Thoughts, Shift Your Resting Bitch Face

Do you ever notice how how some people just have it made in the shade? Do you ever wonder how they got so lucky? Or do you ever wonder what their secret is to feel so fantastic? I sure did,… Continue Reading →


I have set healthy boundaries, spoken my truth and given myself permission for all of it. The permission for me is all I needed. For so many years my habits were based on surviving rather than thriving. In the past,… Continue Reading →

Drinking beautiful red wine in my onsie and blogging about my ‘troubles’

My brain has this beautiful ability to take me 0 to 60 on the freak out scale. There has been a blip in my smooth and blessed life and I am doing all I can to roll with it. We… Continue Reading →

Feel the Love~They may say I’m a dreamer….but I don’t give a shit!!!!

I would love to hear if you immediately started singing The Lion King when you read my title, or The Beatles? It’s funny isn’t it, that by simply hearing a certain phrase that you’re immediately sucked into a thought? It… Continue Reading →


Take this one moment in time and stop EVERYTHING! You and I cannot go on another moment; NOT without shaking things up a bit and acknowledging all you do. I mean all of it – The big things and the… Continue Reading →

Speak Your Truth!

I walk a line each and every day of boldness vs fear of judgement. Most days I am a brilliant bad-ass rockin the world boldly but I will be honest, some days the fear of judgement blankets all my efforts…. Continue Reading →

I feel the need to say it……

In case you forgot – In case you need a reminder…. May today be an amazing day of celebrating all you do. Let go of the to-do list for a moment and just take this moment and breathe in your… Continue Reading →

Resist the Resistance!

‘Oh but I can’t’ ……we say it all the time right? I’d like to offer up a new¬† perspective on the times we shrug things off. You’ll notice I almost always say ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ in my writings, this… Continue Reading →

Did someone say Friday?

Happy Friday! The weekend is so close, can you taste it? Are you ready to let loose and step into a new routine, even if for a few days? Down time is necessary in our wound up world of stress… Continue Reading →

Influence Analysis

The last 2 days have been powerful writing days for my book. What’s interesting is how may times I migrate back into my familiar negative self -talk……it’s an addiction people – be warned! Your old familiar thoughts can and will… Continue Reading →


I love this photo because it reminds me how many times I’ve been ‘saved’ or better yet when I’ve been open to receive inspiration and I’ve welcomed influences that have shifted my entire world. I believe we’re saved all the… Continue Reading →

Permission Granted! Step into Your Bliss.

May the choices you chose today, bring you all you desire. I am reading all over Facebook the impending doom that surrounds most peoples Monday mornings. As I am reading this the reminder in my phone goes off: ‘Create Peace… Continue Reading →

A Conventional vs Customized New Year?

Do you live a conventional or customized life? I love thinking about these polar opposites. Take a moment and think about what each of these words mean to you. Then think about how conventional vs customized your entire life is…. Continue Reading →

Loving the Parenting Journey?!

We’ve all been there as parents – we’ve vowed not to parent as we were parented! But how do you find the sweet spot in the middle where you are guiding your kids with integrity and not swinging the pendulum… Continue Reading →

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