Do you live a conventional or customized life? I love thinking about these polar opposites.

Take a moment and think about what each of these words mean to you. Then think about how conventional vs customized your entire life is. As we move into the New Year this is an interesting thought.

It’s almost mind boggling how just how customizable (ok spell check, I am making that word up then – it’s a Cindyism…perhaps a Book Title hmmmmm?) our entire lives are. Totally boggling! (Ok it’s boggling to think of what’s possible when we can get our ‘stuff’ out of the way to clear a path. Because that is when full potential and possibility really exists.) Ready for some suggestions on how to make that happen? There are a few things to note first.

What I find is when I run around like a chicken with my head cut off I don’t have the energy to be intentional and I default to convention. At these times when I am constantly on the go, I am rarely present and weeks go by and don’t feel connected to my life. Can you relate? When I slow life down however I am able to assess and create and customize everything.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but it also flies by when we’re on autopilot. I resist living on autopilot, I prefer to savour and customize my journey!

I love this time after the Christmas chaos halts and life slows down before we all dive into the New Year. It feels as if collectively we take a big sigh and shake up the normal grind. We re-evaluate everything that’s important.

I invite you to look at what’s important to you, regardless if you’re reading this at New Years or not. I mean really look at all of your life and re-evaluate it. None of what doesn’t serve you needs to follow you any further on your journey. What will you give up? What will you choose to continue? And what can you create newly and begin doing that will shift you entire world?

Some questions I asked at my LiveLaughLove Your True Self Ladies Nights were these:

Which activity (or activities) literally have the world around you melt away when you do them?

What are you doing when you feel fully present?

Is there anything you do (or have done) that has you feel completely on purpose?

What do you do that feels completely effortless and you enjoy?

I don’t think these questions are thought about enough. Or I’ll say, when they are thought about they are a passing thought and not much more (for most of us). While it’s a fresh New Year and while you’re reading this go ahead and think about them now. Imagine shifting what you currently do into more of what you love – each and every day! (scroll back up and re-read them – consider plugging a reminder in your phone daily to think on it a bit more.)

It gives me goose bumps to imagine people identifying what lights them up and implementing ways in which to do those things more often. Imagine if everyone was completely fulfilled and felt on purpose? It’s possible. It starts with the intention to do something new. It starts when you identify the type of 2016 you want to have. It starts broad and then you can move in to the specifics of breaking down your goals to build each and every day with intention.

What’s possible in your next year?


The more and more I surround myself with people who share the mindset that ANYTHING is possible, then the easier and easier it is for me to create a fully customized life.

Go create a fabulous day which will spill into a fabulous tomorrow, which will light up your entire year!

Love to you all, you powerful creators!


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