May the choices you chose today, bring you all you desire.

I am reading all over Facebook the impending doom that surrounds most peoples Monday mornings. As I am reading this the reminder in my phone goes off: ‘Create Peace and Balance’.

This reminder invites me to powerfully choose everything especially when choosing the best basement foundation repair findlay oh . I measure my thoughts and actions and influences based on their alignment to peace and balance.

Why do I have that as a daily reminder you may ask? Because without it my mind runs wild, then my entire day suffers. I have spent most of my life completely unaware of why and how off track I get. The more I learn and see the more freedom, love and peace I feel. We all have goals and many of us struggle to reach them or sometimes never do. I hope this blog post offers you insight into something new for yourself. What do you strive for everyday? Are your goals different on Saturday night then they are on Monday morning? Interesting the different permission we offer on different days of the week.

Reminders are my way of course correcting before I go way off track. I surround myself with many throughout my day. They light up my truth and help me navigate this crazy world of ‘squirrels!’ or sparkly things, or my need to be right.

Let me describe what I mean about being right. If subconsciously I have decided life has to be hard and full of struggle, then that’s what my life will look like. I will put all my efforts into proving to myself that life is hard and struggling is inevitable. By the way we, you, me and everyone will always need to be right, so you might as well be clear on what you’re trying to prove.

Shifting away from struggle, I am now making peace and balance my goal. It sounds simple yet my need to be right ALWAYS wins and takes over my efforts. It takes practice to diligently see when my old view of ‘the need to struggle’ slips back into existence. If you have any struggle in your life right now I invite you to look for yourself and see when you made that up, once and only once you see it you could consider letting it go and adopting a new goal. There was a time when ‘life was so hard and unfair’ and that was truth for me. And because that was my truth that is all I ever saw.

Set a reminder to yourself that your plan is to shift and begin to be aware of the subconscious goals in your mind. Every time the reminder pops up you can take a look at what has you not fulfill on it. Most of us are unaware of the secret contracts we’ve entered into. Therefore our actions are not in alignment with what we say we want, they are actually working against us. When we identify the truth then we can see our patterns of resistance. We all have so much resistance. Shaking off the old habits can only occur after we know what’s behind the scenes and really going on. I am constantly looking at the sh*t I’ve made up that doesn’t serve me in any way. When I know better I can do better….and not a moment sooner.

I was at the spa the other day and I was wrapped in delicious warm comforting towels. It soothed my soul. It’s almost hard to explain in words. Every square inch of me had been woken up by a scrub, and then massaged, and then hugged in warmth. It wasn’t until this very last step and details did I see a new pattern of resistance. See even though I aim to feel good, I had put a cap on how good, and there was a level of settling.

Have you ever had that experience? An experience where you become instantly calm and you hadn’t even realized you were stressed? After the scrub and the massage I was feeling so relaxed, I would have rated myself quite happy and content and yet there was yet even a new level of bliss. It goes to show just how much tension I live with and settle for. It’s insanity.

I find it fascinating that we settle for anything less than sheer bliss.

Is it because we need permission? Because we are waiting for someone else to provide us with amazing experiences? Do we rely on people in our lives to read our minds? Did we forget that we have the power each and every day to choose to increase everything?  And that there is no cap on any of it? Is it because we feel guilty when we feel amazing? Is it because it’s not the cultural norm?  Because we haven’t surrounded ourselves with the messages that encourage us to have more self-care? Is it because we have grown up with the message that life has to be a struggle? What is it? What keeps us from striving for bliss each and every day?

I love experiences that leave me in awe, I love remembering I can have it all and that I deserve it.

We all deserve it all.

If you require permission here it is! Let the rest of it go.