I would love to hear if you immediately started singing The Lion King when you read my title, or The Beatles? It’s funny isn’t it, that by simply hearing a certain phrase that you’re immediately sucked into a thought? It happens all the time. We make snap judgements and allow our brains to swoop us up and carry us into the unknown and I am here to say STOP THE RIDE I WANT TO GET OFF!

I don’t like most of the messaging in any media or marketing. I feel that it draws attention to pain and suffering and then companies bust in with a ‘solution’ to bring you more happiness, joy and ease. Well you know what? Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz -we have everything we could ever need inside us all along. The trick is to shake off the excess noise so we can hear our inner wisdom. If we stopped blindly accepting messages outside us as truth we could let go of their influences, and the grip they have on our thoughts. We can then begin to create our own truth! We’d begin to see that love surrounds us and when we stop for a god damn minute to breathe it in our entire state changes.

I urge you to take note of how many shitty influences exist in your world. The more aware you are of their existence, the easier it will be to see their impact. After seeing the cost of the impact it’s almost impossible to continue the madness. All it takes is a bit a self awareness and honesty with yourself.


Come on, be honest – you get something out of keeping those bad habits around. If you didn’t get something out of them,  you wouldn’t continue the madness. Admit just for a moment that you fight the urge to soak up all the love and abundance that surrounds you. We are all guilty a little.


My invitation to you is this: take the next 48 hours and count the moments you feel Love. Allow yourself to find a song on the radio you love. Sing loud and proud. Really feel the music. Choose foods and drinks that light up your soul. Eat slowly and savour each bite or sip. Connect and reach out to the people that mean the most to you. Let them know something new that you’ve never shared with them. Perhaps its a favouite memory of the two of you that you’ve never shared? Pull them into your schedule and create face to face time. Creating more love isn’t hard it’s just practice – we all know what we love the trouble is we don’t always crate it.

Above and beyond everything else, take a moment and tell yourself all the amazing things you forget to draw attention to. What are you proud of? What is your favourite body part? What’s the favourite part of your personality? Find something! Find anything!

INTERRUPT the negative self-talk and embrace the love instead, even just for a moment.

What you focus on increases. SO beware! Focus on deeper more meaningful – feel-it-harder-than-you-ever-have-before LOVE!!!!!





~They may sayyyyyy I’m a dreamer….but I don’t give a shit!! I don’t wake up like this every morning – but I sure work my ass off each day to get back on track.

Let your light shine with me babe!