It keeps me up at night……

It floods my brain at stoplights……

It’s time for a blog to share it all with the world.

Thank you for taking a read. Thank you for your comments below.
Here are the inner workings of Cindy’s brain………

Let it touch, move and inspire your soul.


The name Playful Radiance sums up so much for me in my life. It sums up my personality, my vision and my philosophy.

When I am in my groove it is said I radiate – which is the case for all of us btw (I have a post that describes this much more being posted shortly.) Nothing compares to a woman who radiates.

Playful to me is the concept of channeling your inner child. It’s the moments in life when we shake off our adultness and we welcome innocence to dance in our present moment. If you know me at all you will have heard me say ‘if it feels good do it’ I welcome these moments every chance I can. Being playful and loving life is the key to everything in my opinion. It brings balance and harmony which in turn creates health and well-being.

My idea of complete paradise is living my life in complete ease and flow, where it literally feels like I am wading in a lazy river. That at any given time I can take a deep breath and connect within and lift my feet off the earth and be carried through my journey. Where I glide through each experience with awe and wonder and savour it all.

Now I know all of life’s journey is not easy – wayyyyyy more to come on that in future posts, but none the less I feel compelled to maintain a sense of bliss and zen even through the shit storms. What I have noticed is that there are fewer and fewer shit storms the more and more I learn about balance and tranquility.

Feeling compelled and mastering are two completely different ends of the spectrum. I am not claiming to be an expert nor do I claim that I have mastered this, but mark my word I am freakin determined. So determined I have taken on rigorous self inquiry to a pretty intense level. And I can’t wait to blog my thoughts for you……..until my next rambling stay awesome and love life!