Hello there, my name is Cindy. I love coffee but let me tell ya, I love wine and champagne much more. Can you relate?

Coffee: I love the warm hug in a mug in the morning, easing me into my day. I savor those first few minutes (or hours when life allows) in my cozy bed. I ponder things at great length. I look at different possibilities and reverse engineer ways to achieve my dreams. My last few years of personal development has given me so much power in living a life on purpose vs on autopilot. My favorite mornings are the slow intentional ones. The mornings I give myself permission to just be.

I feel most like myself when I am being playful and free. When I stop making myself wrong and embrace all I do accomplish. I love being authentic and true to myself and my needs. But man does it take effort sometimes. This is why champagne and wine are top of my list, even above coffee. To me they are simply magical. They allow me to shake off the significance of life and to smile and laugh and love life the way it’s intended to be loved.

We all need that little nudge to let go of our worries and concerns for me, it’s easiest with my red and bubbly friends.We all need reminders of what we’re really here to accomplish. For me that’s loving life, hands down. I know that’s the contract I signed and agreed to master in this lifetime, and so damnit I am gonna give it my all.

I live each day seeking out experiences that make me come alive. I’ve stopped making myself wrong for my overindulging from time to time. I think we are all hung up and judgy about the wrong things.

Do what you love, and do it often I say!

Can you imagine what the world would be like if we were all happy? I mean happy more often than not? It’s an awesome thought isn’t it? Going out into the community and seeing smiling faces and people glowing. Your thing might not be wine, coffee, or even champagne but whatever it is find it and pull it into your life more! On behalf of the world, we love your smile.

The more I learn and grow and see is possible, I want to share to love and laughter with the world. When I am feeling good everything seems achievable. I can’t help but see so much potential for us humans. First off, however we have to admit that being miserable is not working for us. We need to shake it off and plug in more of what we love.

We all love Fridays because on the weekends we give ourselves more permission to love life.


We all Love drinking because it shuts off our crazy brain for a short while.

So here is to creating a new story. One that feels more align with our true self. One that is more compassionate and less judgemental. One that plain works and lights us up. Let’s create our stories around making the biggest difference we can make – because it’s possible if we’re loving life. We can take on so much more responsibility and we impress ourselves that much more when we are in the happiness groove.

To getting in the groove! wine-red-and-white-glasses-300x225


Love Cindy

Happy Friday Love Bears! Wine? Why freakin not!