Do you ever notice how how some people just have it made in the shade? Do you ever wonder how they got so lucky? Or do you ever wonder what their secret is to feel so fantastic?

I sure did, I still do. I allow myself to be in awe and wonder of the world around me all the time. I often see people that I admire and I wonder how I can create that in my own life. Instead of allowing the natural sensation of jealousy to creep in I look at what is in my way of making the changes needed to achieve that way of life. There is so much to discover once you know what to look for.

What I am seeing about myself more and more is that unconsciously I am always being pulled. Pulled in a direction towards making myself right. I like to be right ALL THE FREAKING TIME. And I’m not alone people, it’s a universal phenomena.

See we have all created stories about who we are and the way life is and they hold us back from creating the lives we love. We stop at nothing to be right! For instance I decided long ago that other people’s opinions are more valid than my own, I also decided I am not good enough, you can imagine how hard it is to navigate around these doozies. They are always taking me out of the games I yearn to win. But the moment I can see that they are running the show, I have power to step around them and continue down the path that serves me, instead of getting stopped.

You can be a Meg Ryan and have people gravitate toward and want what you have, or your can be right and connect to your silly thoughts that don’t serve you.

Take a look in your own life, wherever you have a lack of power you have an inauthentic story. At the very core of everything that exists in our world lives a thought or a belief. We all have them, and they are very rarely ‘I rock and I can do anything my heart desires.’

Some common stories are

‘I always: screw up/fail/look like an idiot/get judged/forget things’

or maybe

‘I never: get it right/feel good when I do those sorts of things/fit in/know what to say’

‘Life is: unfair/has to be hard/ a scary place/an uphill battle’

Can you relate? Wayne Dyer said it best, what follows the word ‘I am’ has intense amount of power in the way your life unfolds.

You know the worst part? We stop at NOTHING to find evidence that we are right. Every little thing that occurs in our life either gives power to our stories or we are shocked they occurred, and shrug them off as one off. Be open to being shocked and amazed, because YOU My Friend are not your stories – you are who you say you are PERIOD. Begin to redefine yourself and your life.

Imagine if you re-programmed your mind to continuously uplift and love yourself? Or just became aware of the crazy conversations that you have in your mind about who you are and the way lief is? When you began to shift the way you view yourself, your entire world blasts wide open. The first step however is to acknowledge that the programming you currently have IS not serving you! How can I tell? Because you are not blissfully happy loving life each and every day to it’s fullest. We are all guilty of shitty thoughts and most of us have no idea that we even have a resting bitch face.

You can almost always tell what humans are thinking and the beliefs they hold. It’s written all over their face when they think no one is watching. Our minds never stop, which means we can never stop consciously course correcting our thoughts.

Look, we have all had shitty things said to us, we’ve all been put down, and we’ve been told some or all of the stories above but it was said by people who didn’t know how to re-program their minds. Perhaps it was said BUT IT DOES NOT NEED to be replayed over and over and over. Perhaps it wasn’t even said but we made it up….regardless it’s bullshit and I ask you to stop the insanity. It is time to see that one of things things in our way is our thoughts, and like anything they too can be changed.It’s time to step into your awesome self even more! There is no ceiling to how good life can be!

Your thoughts have a rippling effect further than out can ever imagine! (Your resting bitch face has the same reach. What are you more committed to, being right or being awesome?)

Begin to notice when you feel less than fabulous…..trace it back to what you are thinking about the situation or the judgement you are holding, I assure you by shifting your view, your bitch face will soften.

I send this wrapped in love. I’m rooting for all of us to love life more than we can ever imagine.

Have a powerful day lovey!

Love Cindy