‘Oh but I can’t’ ……we say it all the time right? I’d like to offer up a new  perspective on the times we shrug things off. You’ll notice I almost always say ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ in my writings, this is because my rigorous self discoveries often reveal universal ‘craziness’ (I say this with love) that many of us can identify with.

We are all guilty of resisting positive influences from time to time. We resist taking advice, we resist invitations to incredible events, we resist reading books recommended to us, we resist courses and coaching and many other things that could positively influences us as well. We say ‘no’ or ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘maybe next time’ to many many things.

But why? What do we gain?

There are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to pushing away positive influences. On the one end you could powerfully choose what you choose, go in a certain direction, feeling solid and grounded and goal oriented. You say no powerfully and say yes to things that align with what your intentionally creating. You know what you need and you actively engage in activities that pull your life towards you.You not only schedule in the appropriate activities but you also include downtime to process and absorb all you learn. You read and connect with others, and reflect often on your personal developments. Everything in your life is chosen with intention and nothing is suffered through or settled on.

On the other end of the spectrum, you feel like life is happening all around you but you feel a little lost and can’t possibly have a solid plan because you don’t have enough time and energy to sit and just breathe. You describe your life as scrambled and have so many distractions in your world, you’re being pulled but in too many directions.

And then there is the beautiful middle ground where most of us loiter and live. We don’t have it all together but we have a good idea of where we are going.We have some structures in our days to schedule the things that matter, and although ‘squirrels’ tempt us often, we have a pretty good strong will to stay on course. We are open to ideas and concepts that help us grow at a steady pace.

Want to know a secret tool to add to your super powers?

We’ve made it this far and we know so much already right? Wrong – we ain’t seen nothing yet. We are so much in our way we have no idea. Everywhere we look there is inspiration that could rock our world – BUT WE RESIST IT. We resist what could make a world of difference in our lives and the lives of those around us.

What would it look like if we embraced the fact that we can feel good all the time? I mean all the time? If we surrounded ourselves with only positive influences? If we let the negative ones melt away?

We have many reasons for resistance but the power is in awareness. I invite you to just notice your reaction the next time you are connected to something that could help your grow and expand who you are. Notice your resistance.

It fascinates me how many people feel that suffering is inevitable. Most of our behaviour fascinates me actually. I love learning about how similar we all are. I love learning what has us resist what we resist, and what has us choose what we choose. Mostly I love finding shortcuts to pull more happiness into my world. I love it so much that’s the focus on my book. Growth is not easy, but we’re in this together – promise, I have your back.

I wish for the world to realize that our entire health and well-being lives inside our minds. Because whether you think this is true or whether you think this is false, you’re right! We are either actively moving towards health and happiness or we are closed off to possibility, self-righteous and NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL US TO (fill in the blank).

When we learn what holds us back we can get it out of the way. We can then step into our true selves. We are then unstoppable in all we do.

Our minds are so freaking powerful and they are capable of more than we can even comprehend.

So the next time you want say ‘Oh but I can’t’ to something that could positively impact you, RESIST that. Begin to be aware at how much vitality you’re pushing away when you say no to what matters. Take a look at what your resistance is costing you – is it your happiness? Is it your well-being? Instead embrace it all – welcome it. Seek more. It’s in more places than you realize, you just might have resisted seeing it.

Go on  – get out of your own way! The world is looking for you to be an example and step into even more of your greatness! I will if you will? What do you say?