I walk a line each and every day of boldness vs fear of judgement. Most days I am a brilliant bad-ass rockin the world boldly but I will be honest, some days the fear of judgement blankets all my efforts.

Seeing that has made a big difference in my life. That one key piece no longer has power over me. When I see it, I am able to take back my power. I can stand in my truth and I can speak it and I can own it. I take a deep breath, remind myself that my intentions are never to hurt or harm anyone (because that’s my biggest fear that people will think) and then I share from my heart. When my brain begins to worry about all the judgements and concerns others may have, I calmly bring my focus back to my why. My intentions are pure  and when I remember this my concerns melt away.I have spent so many years so concerned I will offend and/or piss people off.

It’s time to let that go and step into my true powerful self, are you with me?

Learning to speak my truth has been incredibly challenging for me, but overcoming this challenge has brought me so much peace and happiness.

I’ve spent years looking at what is between me and my true powerful radiant self. You know what I have found? An incredible amount of stuff. Much of what I have found is universal. One of my strongest reason for sharing all I learn is because if it’s true for me it could be true for you.

I actually can’t help but pay it forward. I am a very solution driven person. It’s just where my mind goes when I am presented with a challenge. To me it’s like a super power I can share and heal the world with. I learn, I grow, and I stand in the clearing and invite everyone to dance with me.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? You are just like me. We all know so much and we are scared to share it. Imagine the difference you could make if you shared your gifts and knowledge more often? We are all so freakin amazing and most of us shrug it off when people tell us so. I reference ‘Pretty Woman’ often. Remember the line when she claims ‘the bad stuff is easier to believe.’

Let’s just take a moment and recognize how much that has cost us? It has cost us our voice, our boldness, our radiance and our self-love!

It’s not serving you and it’s not serving me. (because remember you’re influencing those around you more than you know.) Stop clinging to the bad stuff as if it were a security blanket. Retrain your brain and rewire yourself to welcome in all the beautiful compliments and love that surrounds you.

Speak your truth and be bold. Yes people will have an opinion and possibly a judgment – it’s o.k!  Don’t let it stop you – they are judging you regardless.

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I don’t care who you are and what lights you up but when you share from the heart and you are speaking your truth you radiate! You literally light up the room! And then you know what happens? You invite others to do the same. All it takes is for someone to go first and to continue to step into it. Let that be you – go on and be the change.

Be Bold. Be YOU. And come from the Heart and you can never go wrong!

Love, Cindy