Take this one moment in time and stop EVERYTHING!

You and I cannot go on another moment; NOT without shaking things up a bit and acknowledging all you do. I mean all of it – The big things and the small things, the things you never thought you could do, especially the things you thought you shouldn’t do AND of course the things that were so freaking hard to do, that it took all you had to get through!

Celebration JumpFrig you’re amazing!


You really are! And please don’t forget it! Put a reminder in your phone that says ‘Celebrate all I did today.’ Add an alert that goes off 15 minutes before bed. Repeat the alert daily. Let the last thoughts of your day be thoughts of pride and gratitude for all of it. Savour you. Take note of all of it! Breathe it in.

On the 22nd day of this habit I promise you that you feel so much lighter and full of love. You’ll be so surprised at how that little voice inside is nicer to you. You will begin to shift the way you relate to yourself completely, just wait. You’ll be healthier and have more energy because I’ll tell ya, that negative voice sucks the life right our of ya . Let’s simmer it to a whisper if we can’t shut it the hell up completely. Let’s over ride it with everything we can. We already know what we love, let’s just put more of it into our everyday lives.

Loving ones self doesn’t just happen, it takes a bit of re-programming the melon, and I’m here to help XO




~Don’t go another moment without acknowledging you’re awesome

#1Set the reminder

#2 Go do something you love

Celebrate YOU~