I’ve listened to others and I have learned to listen and honour myself. I’ve absorbed so much wisdom and also so much shit. Then I have dissected the remains and dismantled my made up beliefs and these are some of my findings.

I’ve spent years training myself to listen after the years of being a sponge. I’ve taken courses that help me dismantle my thoughts and quiet my mind. I’ve attended lectures and seminars that taught me tools to open my heart and have compassion (this is key) for all of my crazy ways. I have spent hours and hours pondering what I have absorbed, the good, the bad as well as the unintentional.

The unintentional is what I’d like to focus on for this post. Many of us are on autopilot and struggle/settle throughout our days and for most of our lives. This occurs for so many reasons – and don’t get me wrong it’s not wrong. Autopilot or reactionary living will provide you with a life, but only one level of living.

I walked away from that level years ago and now when autopilot swoops into my world (because believe you /me –it sure does) I have a wave of frustration that rushes over me. I then remember that dissatisfaction is a sign that beautiful change is on the horizon and that something better is being brewed. Most days I welcome the dissatisfaction and I can embrace the next steps and I step powerfully into the next steps. I am also a beautiful work in progress, attempting to know better to do better every day. I take it all one day at a time.

Personal development has become a drug for me. I love the high I get from the inspiration. I feel like I am granted secret super powers to shift my entire way of viewing myself and the world around me. Personal growth and development is my jam. I am finally proud of that. I don’t think I am alone.

***There is an age of awakening – Can you feel it?*** ~Cindy Weber

One of my biggest learnings to date, is seeing the messaging we are bombarded with every day. Seeing the messaging and then identifying your personal lense. Most messaging is subliminal and subtle. It takes something to really wrap your head around it all. Let me see if I can describe my take on it.
Many massages come in the form of a suggestion. Even my words on this screen are suggestions. They aren’t meant to be tried on and kept forever, yet when living a reactionary autopilot life we are blinded to the fact that we can sluff off any idea or concept or subtlety and create something new – at any given time. (I totally get that the last sentence was a run on and I thank you for your compassion in my lack of editing – this is meant to be a free flow of awesome – not a masterpiece. More to come in the future on how much a breakthrough that is for me.)

And the lens portion of this piece is crucial. Since we were young we have been making snap judgments. It a quick and easy way to take in the mass amount of information that comes at us every day. It’s important to have lenses but it’s pivitol and life altering when we see how easy we can adjust our lenses.

See if my lens is that I am not good enough than every message that passes through that lens will have a certain impact. Once I adjust my lens and increase my value and self worth the messaging can remain the same exact message and I will completely shift and alter the impact it has on me.

We have all heard the saying ‘change the way you look at things and things you look at change,’ this is how it’s done. Every single one of you reading this can agree you have someone in your life you would call a dick right? We have all had the thought that if that dick was just less than a dick than my life would be awesome.
Consider a bit more learning and research on adjusting your lens.

Adjusting your lens or your view, or your story will give you back all the power you’ve ever wanted. First off however, you have to see that your lens in your own creation. (more on this later – again post below if you’re interested.)

I want to bring awareness to is how many times we connect with awesome messages, the uplifting and inspirational one that could make a world of difference in our lives and for some reason we don’t keep those messages around. I am such a fan of customizing my entire world. The messages I surround myself with are consciously chosen. The messages I have removed out of my life are consciously removed. You should see my FB feed, I am quite proud but I really do have it flooded with amazing messaging that enhance my day when I dive into it. I think most of the world forgets how easy this is. NOTHING needs to be done out of obligation. When you begin to choose things intentionally, choosing from your core values, your entire world begins to shift.

**If you agree that everything impacts your world – how much customizing and eliminating do you do to yours?**

That first part of my life I hid all my imperfections and couldn’t even acknowledge they existed to myself let alone the world. And here I am now showcasing my stuff and junk knowing full well that I am not a special kind of screwed up. Knowing that if I honour all of who I am that I can invite everyone to do the same. The opposite is true too though, those on autopilot may be unintentionally inviting others to live a fear based life . We often have no idea the impact we have on others. You are insanely powerful YOU! Yes you. I have to put that in because I feel you need a reminder (because we all do.) Please take a look at the unintentional messages you are sharing with your circle of influence. You invite those around you to look at their flaws when you discuss your own.

The past few years I have been called to help others see their greatness. I think most of us have a running dialogue that we are less than freaking awesome. But guess what? We have been through crappy times, we have all been told we’re (fill in the blank) by people who’s opinion we valued. We have all had our hearts crushed and stomped on and pulverized. AND no matter what your struggle or your journey thus far, the best is yet to come if you create it.
Don’t believe me? Then you’re right and I am wrong and you will find evidence that life sucks and it will occur as if you don’t have a say in the matter. Truth is we’re both right. It’s all about perspective baby. The waters I swim in are kind and encouraging because I customize my ocean to allow me to thrive.

I have gone to great lengths to pull happiness towards me and keep it in my grasp. The reason for this is because happiness is the number one contributor of health. Without health we are nothing.

I have connected with many beautiful souls and requested guidance to help me with my goals. I often have felt like I am swimming upstream, but the more I customize my world everything becomes aligned and easy. I want this for everyone. If I can help in even a small way I am willing to try.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, comments and questions. I look forward to hearing from you. The Dallas personal injury lawyers liability claim arises when a worker is injured by someone other than their employer or a co-worker.